Produce top shelf cannabis for pennies on the dollar.

We believe aquaponics is a key piece to the biomimicry puzzle. By combining living soil with living water, we can maximize the genetic expression of our plants and take them to the next level.

Years in the Making

This class is years in the making. We've developed this curriculum while teaching multiple classes over the past 5+ years. 600+ Slides, videos, tours, build videos, insect identification libraries, treatment plans, feeding rates and more.

Natural Pest Management Planning

Integrated Pest Management Plans Including Beneficial Microbes, Probiotic Bacteria, Probiotic Fungi, and Other Natural Treatments

How to Cultivate Cannabis In Aquaponics

Complete guide on aquaponic cannabis cultivation from seed / clone thru harvest and processing

Maximizing Color & Sales Appeal

How to maximize color, terpene, flavonoid levels & sales appeal of your cultivars

Optimizing Flower Production

Optimizing Production of Recently Acquired Cultivars, Optimizing Flower & Resin Production

How to Adapt Existing Systems

How to Convert, Adapt, And Optimize Existing Vegetable Systems Including DWC, Media Beds, Wicking Beds, and More to Cannabis Production

Design & Construction
Design & Construction

Design Optimization and Comparison of All Common Aquaponic Designs

Natural Inputs for Use in Organic Aquaponics

Best sources of nutrients for different minerals and how to mineralize a wide range of different inputs to maximize there mineral availability

Advanced Natural Farming Methods for Aquaponics

Advanced Korean Natural Farming methods for use in aquaponics including anthocyanin isolation & much more

Maximizing Trichome Production

How to get the most out of your plants whether your growing for hash or for flower including how to maximize production of CBG CBD & THC

Guide to Viral Infections

Guide to Identifying & controlling viral infections including testing methods, mitigation methods, and more

Fungal Disease Guide

Detailed Guide to Cannabis Diseases including Fungal Infects, Bacterial Infections and more as well as how to treat them

Detailed Reference Guide to Insects, Arthropods, & Nematodes

Pictures of all common and many uncommon insects as well as the beneficial insects or probiotics you need to treat them

Best Equipment Guide

Reference guide to the various pumps, tanks, liners, nutrients, and much more

Geothermal, Solar, and Other Sustainable Climate Control Methods

How to build and scale your sustainably minded and energy efficient farm

Advanced Sustainability Models

How to incorporate mushrooms and other production to maximize profits and yields

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