Detailed Collection of All Common Garden Pests & Pathogens

All common Insects, Mites, Fungal Infections and much much more are covered in depth in this all encompassing course with over 150 lectures.

Detailed Treatment Plans

In this course we cover the various aspects of treating different pest issues. We cover beneficial insect species so you can choose the right one for the job as well as biocontrol sprays so you can chose the best option for your facilities needs.

Beneficial Insects Guides

We cover care and release guides for all of the important beneficial insects from Lacewings to beneficial mites and more

How to Treat Difficult Pests

Guide on how to treat hard to kill insects like grasshoppers, leafhoppers, root aphids, russet mites and much more!

How to Handle Total Infestations

Management Plans for when to do if you have been completely over run.

Wide Range of Biocontrol Options

You will learn all about the many different beneficial fungi and bacteria that provide a much more sustainable solution for pest & pathogen issues than harsh chemical sprays.

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