Detailed Nutrient information for all plant essential nutrients including dosing, testing, monitoring, and how to create your own inputs.

Nutrient dosing information including best minerals for a variety of scenarios, how to source clean nutrients, how to brew your own nutrients from locally sourced inputs, dosing tables for various sized systems and much more!

Nutrient Info Spanning Millions of Gallons of Testing from Real Commercial Facilities

With many years of testing and managing of commercial vegetable and cannabis facilities you know your getting the latest and most accurate nutrient information available any where in the world for your aquaponic system.

Side by Side examples with and with out nutrient Supplementation

Real world examples of what happens when things aren't done properly from real commercial facilities and Labs.

Input Creation Guides

How to make the latest fish safe inputs for your garden including SOPs for how to make many different inputs.

Natural Farming Inputs to Maximize the Health of Your Garden Adapted to Aquaponics

Detailed how to on a wide range of natural farming inputs adapted to aquaponics to make your plants as healthy and flavorful as possible.

Get The Most Out of Your Crops

Tired of your red lettuce not being red? Not Getting the flavor you want from your tomatoes? Struggling to grow a particular plant? This class answers all of these questions and much more!

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